What our Gymnasts and Families Think

Carrie B.
“Being in gymnastics has taught my daughter so many things - to believe in herself, to conquer her fears, to push herself to the limit, perseverance and dedication. I expected all those, but I didn’t expect her to master the art of time management, which she has. She maintains her studies and grades while being dedicated at the gym.”
Annette K.
“Starz has helped form our daughter into the young lady she is today. Starz has not only taught her gymnastic skills, it has boosted her confidence, formed her into a leader and has given her an extended family of friends and coaches. I love that the girls watch out for each other and are role models for the younger girls coming onto the team. I believe that the discipline from competing in gymnastics has also carried into her academic activities as it has taught her to be focused and manage her time appropriately."
Jason P.
“We have been going to Starz Academy for almost four years now. The coaches are wonderful and she has learned a great deal and really developed many different skills. She has a blast and can’t wait to come to gymnastics every week. I love to see how interested and concerned the coaches are with each student’s development and growth. The older students are also great helping out the younger ones. We are looking forward to many more years of gymnastics fun at Starz. Thank You!”
Lonni R.
“Starz Academy has helped my child with her confidence. She is naturally competitive and this character trait allows her to excel at gymnastics, but she was lacking in self-confidence. Being involved with Starz has helped my child become more comfortable with herself and her talents."
Dan, Liz, Caleb & Elia
"Our daughter has grown so much in her skills, strength and confidence since she began at Starz. As my daughter said, 'I love my coaches and there are so many different stations that are fun, but are making me learn how to be better.' Between the staff, management and updated facilities offered at Starz, I can't imagine going anywhere else."
"What amazes me about Starz gymnastics is that the staff and the sport teach each gymnast so many virtues which, in life after the gym, will serve them well and help them serve others. They learn strength, not only physical but the inner power to withstand whatever comes. The coaches teach excellence, asking each girl to give their very best in any task they do. The staff practices and models fairness with everyone from the highest skill to the beginner treated with equal respect. I could go on: endurance, enthusiasm, empathy, diligence and, my favorite, gratitude. All taught, modeled and expected at the gym! My daughter has been served well and will hopefully serve others the same after her years at Starz. Thank you!"
Mandy B.
"Our daughter was at a previous gym for a few years. She stopped progressing the last 10 weeks we were at that gym. She was frustrated and ready to call it quits. That’s when we found Starz (by having a birthday party at the gym). Coach Kristin and the team are amazing. They put a new spark into our young gymnast and she found a new confidence in herself. We are looking forward to our first competition season with Starz, showcasing all that she has learned. "