The ability to move well is fundamental to all sports. Our preschool classes are designed to lay a strong foundation for future success, wherever it may be found, be it in gymnastics, other sports, or life in general.

Our preschool classes take place in our dedicated Preschool Gym. We begin each 45-minute class with a warm-up and stretching period, then explore varying gymnastics exercises to build strength, balance, agility, and coordination. Foundational movements–such as running, jumping, hopping, and skipping–and fundamental gymnastics skills–such as handstands, cartwheels, and rolls–are taught in a progressive manner to encourage success while building confidence and independence. Students spend time walking on balance beams, hanging from bars, and learning basic skills on the floor. They learn to take turns, follow instructions, work with others, and, most of all, to enjoy movement, all while staying safe and having tons of fun!

STARZ preschool classes help our young students become more coachable, more confident, and better prepared to compete in life!

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