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STARZ Gymnastics Academy Mission

At STARZ, it is our mission to provide the maximum amount of opportunity, through gymnastics, for each individual in our program. We know that high-quality gymnastics can be achieved in a positive, uplifting environment, and we are committed to providing this for our athletes.

What Our Families Are Saying

Gymnastics is so much more than a sport filled with competitions. Both of our daughters are gymnasts at STARZ. Although competing is exhilarating and the main reason why you practice so hard, there’s so much more to it than that. Gymnastics has taught our girls to be confident, strong, to be a good teammate, to cheer for others, while also focusing on beating their personal best. STARZ has worked with both of my girls for several years, and our second home is the gym. They spend more time at the gym than they do with our family during the week, so it’s so important that we feel that they are surrounded by positive and caring adults. This is so true of STARZ, and we are so grateful. The girls have experienced growth both mentally and physically. Thank you, STARZ, for helping them grow!!!

Mandy S.

Two short years ago (2021), our daughter wanted to join ballet. She was put on a waiting list for a spot to open, but she was so eager to start learning anything at that point. We started her in a recreational program at STARZ while we waited for an open spot in ballet. By the time we received a call for ballet, she had been in STARZ for a good 3 months, and very quickly decided to stay in gymnastics! She fell in love with the sport and the atmosphere of the gym along with the friendliness of all the coaches and staff. When she first started gymnastics, she was quite the shy little girl, but over time she began to open up more and develop a more outgoing personality amongst her gymnastics family. Her character development, not just mentally, but emotionally, had developed so much. She enjoys going to practice all the time and speaks so highly of her coaches. We cannot be more thankful for the coaches and the staff for continuing to be so helpful and giving that extra motivation for our daughter to be great in gymnastics and outside of gymnastics. Thank you, STARZ!
Twila and Tyler P.

STARZ Gymnastics Academy has been a great way for my daughter to meet new friends and gain strength and confidence in herself. The program has pushed her outside of her comfort zone, which as a parent, is great to see! She is competing for the first time this season, and she is very excited! I think, overall, it will help her to have more confidence in herself, always do her best, take responsibility, all which will in turn have a positive impact as she continues to grow into her teenage years and adolescence.
Tara V.

I was very pleased with STARZ Gymnastics Academy for the service and venue they provided for my son’s birthday party! The kids loved all the different activities that were set up for them. The host was kind, helpful, and attentive to all our guests. She made sure that I had everything that I needed to decorate the party area and greeted children with their parents at the door. I will definitely be booking parties here in the future and would highly recommend to anyone looking for a fun kid’s party location!
Kaley D.

Amazingly professional environment bringing together healthy gymnasts with excellent performance. I highly recommend this gym.
Julie L.

Recreational Gymnastics

Gymnastics classes are a great way to help your child grow in confidence, coordination, strength, and flexibility. STARZ gymnastics classes encourage development of both body and mind! Students will spend time each week on all four Olympic events which include the vault, bars, beam, and floor. We offer three different levels of recreational gymnastics so that as students learn and grow, they can continue to be challenged and learn new things!

recreational gymnastics
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Tumbling Classes

Tumbling classes are perfect for students looking to learn how to flip and fly! STARZ tumbling classes build confidence, strength, and flexibility! Students will spend time working through proper progressions that lead to big tumbling skills! Each week, our tumblers work through circuits that are designed to build a wide array of acro skills. Students will use many training tools including, but not limited to, our trampolines, spring floor, foam floor, and mats of all shapes and sizes. We offer two different levels of tumbling so that students may continue to be challenged as they learn new things!

Ninja Classes

Ninja classes are the perfect blend of agility, endurance, strength, and fun! These classes are HIGH energy and allow our most active and energetic students to challenge themselves as they navigate through obstacle courses designed to build confidence and coordination. This class is a great springboard program that helps students prepare for any sport or activity that they may want to do in the future.

ninja classes green bay
gymnastics birthday parties


Birthday Parties

STARZ Birthday Parties are a perfect way to celebrate your child! Each of our party packages includes time in the gym where the entire facility is reserved just for you and your guests. Your child and their party attendees will have the whole gym to run, jump, swing, and play within! Our facility has an 18’ inflatable slide, multiple trampolines, a foam pit, balance beams, uneven bars, a spring floor, and mats of all shapes and sizes! Each party will include 30 minutes in our Party Room for gifts and food. You will get to sit back and enjoy your party as our STARZ staff member supervises all the playtime and takes care of the clean up! We invite you to come party with us the STARZ way!

Frequently Asked Questions

Have any questions?  You’re not alone.  Most people do, and we’re here to help.  If you still have questions, though, a quick call to our Front Desk (920) 983-0903 will help.

How do I know which class is the best fit for my gymnast?

We have many different class options!  Please contact our Front Desk by stopping by the window or give us a call at (920) 983-0903.  We are excited to help you find the class that best suits your child!

I’m not sure what class to take, can I take a class before enrolling in one?

Absolutely!  STARZ wants to assure that your child is placed in a class that they love!  Stop by our Front Desk or call us at (920) 983-0903 to schedule your FREE Trial Class today!

What should I wear/bring to class?

All girls should wear a leotard and/or athletic clothing.  Please… no skirts, tights, hanging zippers or strings, and no exposed midriffs.  Long hair should be tied back away from the face with a hair tie.  No jewelry (other than stud earrings), including fitness watches.  Boys should wear a T-shirt or tank top tucked into athletic shorts.  We ask that your child come to class barefoot.  Please bring a water bottle.  Most importantly, bring your smile!

What if my schedule changes and I need to switch classes?

No problem!  Please contact our Front Desk at (920) 983-0903 and someone will assist you with a class transfer.

What if I need to withdraw my gymnast from class?

We hope that you and your gymnast will stay at STARZ, but we understand that life happens!  If you need to withdraw your gymnast from classes, please notify our Front Desk at (920) 983-0903 before the 1st of the month.

How does my child move up?

Preschool Program:

Our Preschool Program is based on age.  When your child is within 30 days of their next birthday, they are eligible to move into the next age group class.

Our advanced preschool class, Future Starz, is by invite only.  For this class, we look for a love of gymnastics, a positive attitude, and great listening.

You can request an evaluation for your child at any time.

Recreational Program:

We offer three different levels within our Recreational Program:  Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced.  We have a set list of skills that your child needs to acquire and demonstrate a proficiency of in order to move to the next level.  Once your child’s coach observes that your child has all of those skills or may be close, the coach will report this to our Recreational Director, Alyssa.  Alyssa will then do an evaluation with your child during their class or will contact you to set up another time to do so.


If you feel that your child is ready to move up, you can schedule an evaluation with Alyssa at any time by letting the Front Desk know your request or by emailing Alyssa directly at:  rec.starzgb@gmail.com

If you are curious as to what skills your child still needs to acquire to move up, please feel free to request an evaluation!  At STARZ, we offer evaluations at no extra cost, and we are happy to share with you the details of the assessment.


Contact Us

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