Work on your skills...
Play around... Have tons of fun!

FRIDAYS, 8:00 PM – 9:00 PM

$10 per student. (Members may pay through their account on file; non-members must pay in cash.)

Ages: 6-17 (5 year olds will be permitted with an older sibling.)

Walk-ins are permitted, and membership with STARZ is not required. Annual membership with STARZ is $20 per student, or $30 per family. Members are eligible to sign up for events, such as Open Gyms, through our Parent Portal, and to enroll in regular classes. Members also qualify for discounts on birthday parties.
COVID Considerations:
Our current policy requires all visitors to wear masks while in the lobby and gym areas. Please wash or sanitize your hands upon entering the building. No outside belongings are allowed in the gym. The gym and equipment are sanitized regularly.